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The clinical section houses 15 dental chairs to screen day-to-day patients (out-patients ). On an average, 100 patients are screened per day for various dental and oral diseases. After the initial check-up and diagnosis, the patients are referred to the other clinical departments depending on the type of treatment required for each patient.

Students undergoing the undergraduate course are taught through lectures, clinical case studies, group discussions, etc. Importance is given to the common diseases affecting the teeth and supporting structures, and mucosal lesions unique to the oral cavity. Facilities to train postgraduate students are also provided by the department. The radiology wing has three intra-oral x-ray units, one mobile x-ray unit, and an orthopantomogram ( opg ) with cephalostat. the x-ray processing room is equipped for both conventional and automatic processing.

The department is also equipped with a soft laser used in the treatment of oral mucosal lesions such as ulcers, dry socket, and cases of trigeminal neuralgia. A seminar room equipped with audio-visual aids and an up-to-date library for academic discussions is attached to the department.

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The department consists of an exodontia section, minor OT and major OT with with a ten bed ward exclusively for this department. The department has a library with updated editions of books and journals.

Exodontia section has separate chambers for the staff and house surgeons. Included in this are about 25 dental chairs to carry out extractions and sufficient to accommodate about 50 patients per day. Minor OT. consisting of four dental chairs has all the required armamentarium. The surgical facilities are available for cleft lip and palate correction, excision of oral malignant tumors and cysts of the jaw, orthognathic surgeries, etc.

Major OT. has the best equipment which includes OT. light with an inbuilt camera, air conditioning and all the armamentarium required to perform major surgeries. The OT is also provided with two full time staff nurses and one anesthetist. Also includes well planned changing rooms, sterilization room, recovery room and scrubbing room.

Service Image Dental Anatomy, Histology & Pathology

The department is housed on the first floor of the college and hospital building and is divided into a practical hall and a laboratory. The practical hall has a capacity of 40, and is used for the conduction of practical classes in dental anatomy & histology, and oral pathology. The laboratory is equipped to carry out the necessary tests like blood investigations, and tissue processing. all biopsy specimens are processed in the laboratory using h&e stain. also included, are about 25 microscopes for use by students. Attached to the department, is a museum consisting of models ( of dental hard tissues ), and specimens for teaching purposes.

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Orthodontics envisages the merging of biology with technology creating the harmonious face by the movement of teeth and / or the modulation of growth. The hoary tradition of excellence is propagated with the imparting and practice of sound basics, so that the student can handle the entire of gamut of malocclusions be it with the humble "removable plate" or sophisticated "invisible braces", from the preventive to the corrective integrating specialised surgical procedures, and from treating growing children to adults.

The credo of selecting the appropriate appliance or treatment modality for a patient rather than straight jacketing patients for an appropriate system is adhered to. The rich experience of an erudite faculty supported by auxillary dental personnel is the "jewel in the crown" of the department and is its greatest asset.

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The paedodontics department recently developed on the second floor of the college and hospital building, is equipped with 21 specialized paedodontic electronic chairs exclusively for children. The department is spaced out for material storage, sterilization, lab, and a seminar room. The paedodontics department offers a variety of preventive moduling, treatment, and management of children and young adults to 12-13 years of age.

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The department is housed in the second floor of the college building which provides a panoromic view. The patients who visit the department can forget the strenuous treatment procedures which they undergo once they see the scenic beauty profusely provided to them through the glass windows. The free flowing cool breeze is a bonus to all the visitors which make each patient forget the hardships of life including the dental pain.

The department consists of an expansive undergraduate and postgraduate clinic housing nearly twenty chairs. The postgraduate department has a high tech cobalt-chromium and ceramic laboratory which provides state of art services to the patients

The department offers both undergraduate(bds) and postgraduate(mds) courses. Instruction is given through lectures, clinics and laboratory demonstrations, supervised clinical training, seminars, group discussions, journal reviews ect. Evaluations are done periodically. the institution is affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences.

Maxillofacial prosthetic division offers specialized rehabilitative service to cancer and accident victims. Facial and body parts are fabricated using techniques developed exclusively in this center. The department is looked after by the only centre in South India offering maxillofacial services. Wwe receive patients from all over India.

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The department consists of a preventive and social dentistry section and a center for patient education and information. The preventive and social dentistry section has separate chambers for staff and house surgeons. included in this are 11 dental units sufficient to accomodate the out-patient inflow per day to carry out preventive procedures. The center for patient education and information consists of different types of models about dentistry. The models and charts are used for dental health education in the oral rehabilitation centers in urban and rural areas. These rehabilitation centres provide all the facilities to the staff, house surgeons, and students for conducting dental camps. The equipment in these centres include good dental chairs with accessories such as a camera, sterilization equipment, etc. The dental unit consists of a dental chair with necessary equipment required for dental check-up and treatment.

Transportation for the camps is provided by means of the college buses, each with a capacity of 30. The department also has a library and a seminar room for regular discussions held for house surgeons and students. There are facilities to start post graduate course in this department very shortly.

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This department consists of a clinical section (inclusive of an endodontics section and a postgraduate section) and a pre-clinical section. The clinical section is equipped with 26 dental units to render treatment to an average of 70 patients per day. The required armamentarium i.e., airotor, micromotor, light cure unit, etc. are attached to each of the dental units. The latest materials and instruments are used to carry out procedures like posterior root canal treatment, bleaching of teeth, endodontic surgeries, post and core restorations, etc. Also attached is a library with the latest editions of books and journals, and a seminar room for regular seminars and review of journals. The pre-clinical section houses 55 dental units ( phantom heads ) for training undergraduate students in the pre-clinical subject.